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Gajjar Compressors Pvt. Ltd. world’s leading air compressors manufacturer and one of the most respected air compressor manufacturers in India, is glad to share the story of success with you!

Being a leading Air Compressors Manufacturer in India, we design and manufacture all kinds of industrial, commercial and non-commercial air compressors for all type of applications. Our wide range of quality air compressors includes single phase air compressors to mutli phase air compressors and from dental air compressors to screw compressors.

Scientific approach, quality production
Our quality manufacturing process ensures robust manufacturing of quality air compressors. With ever increasing demand of air compressors, we are constantly working towards improving quality of our products. Our design team, development team and testing team thoroughly work towards innovating newer technologies that guarantee quality air compressor production.

At Gajjar Air Compressors, we focus mainly on producing products with scientific approach. This helps us in delivering ultimate quality products. Our team is committed to improve and achieve even higher quality standards in producing our products.

Customer comes first
We believe in putting customer first. Be it our simple production quality process or our global delivery model. We always think from customer perspective. This helps us make develop and delivery model more customer centric. No matter what our deliver order is and where our deliver order is, we think of our customers first. We always believe that our production should help customer earn higher return on investment and we believe that we just don’t manufacture air compressors to earn money and brand name but to enhance customer facility, satisfaction and value.

Experience to earn expertise
With many years of on field experience in the industry, our leaders, team players and analysts have gained hardcore experience in the air compressors technology. This has helped us become leader in the industry. We are glad today to say that our constant efforts have just not made us leader in the domestic market but in the international market as well.

Local Manufacturing; Global Presence!
We are present on Global Map! From India to Indonesia and from USA to UK, we are present in most of the major countries of the world and our esteemed clients are located at diversified geography of the world; in all continents of the world.

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