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Accessories (Air Compressor Accessories)
Famous Brand Belts

Air/Oil Separator

Simple structure, stable drive. Low torque starting
and high flexibility can prevent overload, reduce noise,
reduce vibration and reach longevity performance.
Advanced Design especially for screw air compressor. High efficiency of separation rate up to 0.1 um. Double filtrations and Low resistance. Oil contains in the compressed air : 3 ppm.

Intake Valve


Pressure Transmitter


Temperature Transmitter


Automatic motion design.
No electricity request.
Low load starting.
Setup pressure in oil separator
tank automatically.

Through transition from pressure data
to electric signal, it can transfer the signal to PLC to control the
compressor and showing the real pressure data on the LCD.

Temperature transmitter can transfer the temperature data to PLC to prevent overheat and to show on LCD.

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