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Accessories (Compressor Accessories)

The world famous brands GHH-RAND and ROTORCOMP airend imported from Germany

Made by the world’s leading high-technology companies which have over 50 years experience. The low fault rate and low maintenance cost airends are manufactured by advanced machining equipments to ensure the production tolerance being controlled within micron. Latest patent optimized profile is Teflon-coated 5-lobe and 6-flute with high efficient. High quality brand bearing, alloy steel gear case and rotor case make the operation more stable and reliable. Besides, the special triple oil seal allows much less leakage possibility.
Working Theory of Screw
accessories_3 accessories_4
Intake :

There is an air space formed between the rotors and the screw shell. When the rotors rotate, fresh air is taken in from the suction port.
Start compressing :

Fresh air goes into the hermetic space between the rotors and screw shell.
accessories_5 accessories_6
Compressing :

Continually rotation of the rotors caused the hermetic space being smaller so the air is compressed.
Discharge :

When air pressure reaches the specified discharge level, compressed air goes into air/oil separator through discharge port.
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